Friday, August 26, 2016


"Sometimes we look for signs and wonders in the deepest of things, but not all the time does God need to take that route to get His point across. He can use something as simple as a billboard on the highway to encourage you to keep going, or He can speak through a sweet and innocent child while they're playing with their toys, and all the while, the child has no idea what they're saying, but it's purpose was for you to hear the message. God can use a single line in a song that has absolutely nothing to do with Him, but it can bring confirmation and reassurance to you in your time of need. There is no denying that the Most High is indeed in the deep, but speaking from personal experiences, He often shows us things in simplicity, to the point where even a toddler can comprehend."- Keesah Pelzer 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Know Your Enemy

By Patricia McKinney

Have you ever thought to stop and evaluate what your enemy was actually doing and why they were doing it?  Could it be because they're filled with inner hatred, or they want you to stoop to their level because of what you have, or the fact that you've surpassed them in area's of their life so they want to cause distractions to hinder you from moving forward? Are they pushing buttons to see what's actually in you so they can ruin your reputation? Sometimes they want to prove that you are just as evil as they are and seek to get a reaction from you so they can say that you're not worth two cent!

Sometimes it's best for you to take your hands off of certain situations all together before you find that you've gotten yourself in way too deep.  There's millions of people incarcerated that wished they could turn back the hands of time, and now their "would have, should have's, and could have's" don't mean a thing. 

I've learned from experience that if you take time to seek God for his helping hand in a bad situation that he will give you the strength to keep you from getting yourself in trouble, and hold you back from making a mess.  He'll give you peace and power over your enemies, while he'll cause them to reap what they've sown in time, then you can continue to move on with your life while operating out of maturity and love instead of evil.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Breach In The Underground Railroad

By Patricia McKinney

Just about everyone knows the story about the Underground Railroad.  To jog your memory, the Underground Railroad was a series of routes and safe houses used by slaves to escape to free states. The abolitionist aiding in the process to freedom were from various backgrounds, but all played their part in helping slaves to escape.   Harriet Tubman, a former slave and abolitionist aided many to freedom during that time period. She also placed herself at risk to ensure liberty for others.
She set an example of true leadership, and self sacrifice. The fruit of her labor spoke for itself by those that were freed because of her.  Though many women couldn't walk a mile in her shoes, they can glean from her story. Her actions were worth their weight in gold, and spoke of the impact that she made in the lives of others.
I’ve met many women in this day and time that claim they are leaders. Some have even placed themselves in a leadership role, but they’ve dismissed the "giving side", also known as self sacrifice.  The majority of them don’t know what it is to give. They’ve sadly mistaken the act of “ being seen and heard” with the true meaning of leading, and they’ve dismissed humility in exchange for notoriety.  They fail to realize that a huge part of leading involves genuine concern for others. Leadership is broad and wide.  It involves social influence, setting an example for others to follow, aiding and supporting others to accomplish a goal, giving people vision and insight, and being a catalyst for change.  Leadership is not a selfish act, but many people have misconstrued its meaning, and they believe that it means to be at the center of attention. 
In my profession, I deal with a lot of people, among the majority are women.  A few years ago, I attended an annual event, which included workshops, a panel, and recognition for women that made “great” accomplishments in business.  The interesting part of this event was when several women in “leadership” were selected to give advice and business tools to the women in the audience. The main with objective was to lead these women in the right direction.  So they all approached the panel and began to talk about their success and all the accolades that they'd received.  They gave tips on the “do’s and don’ts” of business, but I noticed that all advice given was engulfed in self image, self centeredness, and arrogance.  They went on and on about what they had and what they did, with no room for the audience to ask questions, or get a word in edgewise. They were all anxious to tell their story, and one even put on a skit to show the crowd her theatrical abilities. At this point, all of the red flags were waving in the wind.  Those that did the most talking on the panel had missed the mark. They couldn’t help the women in the audience, because their focus was on being the center of attention.  I questioned, how have these women helped others after their long winded speech? Weren’t the tips given supposed to help the women in the audience and promote change?  What kind of background did these women come from prior to owning a business, because they lacked the smallest hint of humility? They haven’t mentioned anything about who they had inspired, or how they could make changes for the better, yet they are leaders? They were only concerned with being seen and heard. Surely the listeners didn't come away with anything of value, because the panel was caught up in a bragging contest the whole time.

After the “awards show” was over, the bragging ceased, the smoke cleared, and it was time to go home,  I did some research on those that handed out business cards.  To my dismay, I found that those that placed themselves in leadership roles, especially the ones that felt they had bragging rights for their accomplishments, didn’t fit the bill.   To be a leader requires that you set an example, provide vision, promote change, and influence others for the better.  I stopped and made the comparison, with the new aged woman in leadership, and those in the days of Harriet Tubman (even after that time).  Had these women mentioned before lived in the days of a historical figure like Harriet Tubman, they would have been a like breach in the Underground Railroad, a break that stops the flow, and stifles others from experiencing liberty, because of their own self centered concern.  There’s always evidence that a true leader is fulfilling their role because others will be impacted by their influence for the better. A true leader has vision that extends outside of them,  and they leave a legacy for others to follow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Truth Behind Fame

By Patricia McKinney

Today's pop-culture has undergone drastic changes, in so much that it's unrecognizable compared to when I was growing up. The new wave of change is moving at lightning speed, making direct impact on our young.  Our new era is in constant motion, and like "time" itself, it shows no mercy, or waits for anyone to keep up.  It's constantly introducing our children to the latest fashion, technology, social media, and sexual expressions, that are  no longer subtle or implied, but upfront and bold, with an  "in your face" approach, out in the opened for all the world to see. All of these things put an immense amount of pressure on our children.  They're constantly being force-fed by society, with all of it's expectations, and a child left without proper parenting is headed for self destruction. In order to help a child maintain their innocence, they need to be sheltered and cared for by their parents (or caregiver) while monitored, with an open line of communication, and lots of love.

The average child already has it bad with the influences that come from outside forces. They're bombarding with voices, telling them they need to be a certain size, have a wicked style, and wear the latest clothes. They're pressured to have premature sex, attend wild parties, and experiment with drugs. This pressure is way too much for the average child, but a child that grows up in the spotlight is exposed to twice or even three times the danger. They're like a lamb among a pack of drooling wolves, waiting to devour their innocence, or like a sheep being led to the slaughter.

Miley Cyrus is a prime example of the innocent among wolves, that speedily lost her innocence.  She went from being Hanna Montana, to "twerking" at the VMA awards half naked. This shows that there was trouble somewhere along the way and a lack of installing good morals.  It show's that she's keeping up with the expectations of the entertainment industry.  Take a close look and make the comparison.  If you noticed, the same thing that Miley is doing, is identical to that of women in the music industry and entertainment.  This is what they do to keep up and stay relevant with other artist, but they don't start off this way. They're basically forced to strip down and show skin as a last resort to keep their money coming in. They have to exploit themselves.  This is all too common among our young women. They're constantly exploited by society and viewed as meat, and it's become the norm to be disrespected.  

Needless to say, our young ladies already have enough problems without fame, but to add fame and the entertainment industry to the equation is like throwing in an atomic bomb, there's sure to be sudden disaster.  Many child stars suffer because they're placed in the spotlight too soon.  A merciless arena that could care less about their well being. It's all about the money.  They don't know anything about the fine print that's written in a contract, and they can't say "no" to certain things because their parent/s are doing all of the "wheeling and dealing". Some children are exposed to fame because their parents are stars, which calls for a life in the fast lane.

For parents of the child star it's seems like a "win - win" situation, especially if they've struggled themselves to make a living (even though this is not always the case).  Parents of a child star "can't see the forest because of the trees" (the reality of what's happening to their child) because they're also benefiting from the wealth of that child, but their baby is being compromised.  If you take a look at several stars in the industry, from the time they first started to the present moment, it didn't take long for them to lose their innocence (one example: Rihanna).  It seems that once they sign their name on the dotted line (enter into contracts), they're pulled in every direction to keep up with the industries requirements. They miss out on a very delicate time in their lives, a time when they're in their developmental stage, discovering who they are as a person, this is when they start to get their own identity.  Unfortunately, many are stripped before they can develop, in exchange for the expectations of the entertainment industry as well as society.  

It's sad to see, but everything in our world shows that many of our young people lack parenting, and many parents lack the skills to raise their children because they are still filled with their own concerns.  In order for a child to have a fighting chance as an adult, they need parents to install the good qualities and morals needed to function in society, and remain grounded in sound beliefs, accompanied by  healthy boundaries. In order for parents to be able to install good morals in their children, they need God to lay the foundation, a spiritual anchor, that can separate the moral from the immoral.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Unity Among African American Women

By Angela Cox

Unity represents the state of harmony among people, the state of being one, whole, and unification.  In simpler terms, unity is a representation of respect for each others differences, class, race, age, opinions as long as it's within the bounds of morality, and allows the other parties views not to be violated.  To be able to come together with others and appreciate our differences and respect them.

When speaking of unity, I've noticed that the lack there of exist the most among the African american race, especially our women.  The lack of unity among women is usually stemmed from an inner hatred or dislike of oneself (a.k.a. low self esteem).  When a woman does not like herself, she lives with a mirror of comparison to other women, and this self hatred is expressed in words through a constant view of negativity for other females.  Likewise when a women loves herself, she can appreciate the differences of other women around her and that is also expressed through compliments and a more positive outlook.  Women from other races may not unite with women of another ethnic group because of her upbringing or usually a stereotype. 

I grew up in the mid-west in 1972.  Only 10 years prior to that time, Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive, which meant there was still a lot of racial tension that reared it's ugly head.   Some African american people still had the mindset that the Caucasian people were first class citizens and in some ways, they were still to take the backseat in a progressive society. This was stemmed from the expression of hatred inflicted and demonstrated by many heinous acts. Even though some of them did not have their spirits broken, many African american's did, and it's sad to say, some could not recognized that we were equal to them. As a result of enduring a broken spirit, some began to inflict pain upon their own kind. They expressed their negative outlook, by their own words and behavior, and by how they'd treat each other.  

As a young girl, I witnessed older black women gossiping, ridiculing backstabbing, and mistreating women of their own race.They had lost a sense of "unity, and set a negative example for the younger generation. Their behavior spoke volume of how they saw themselves, and in turn,  many of the younger generation grew up with the same mindset. Back then, I felt like I was caught in the crossfire of my own race and the Caucasians. I also experienced the tension that existed between my light skinned and dark skinned peers, which was foolishness, an atrocity, and a huge waist of time. Because we were the same race, and we already had enough obstacles to conquer. This is an example of the unfortunate events that took place then, but it still exist now.  Which raises the question, "what's our excuse now that this divide still exist? We don't live in that era anymore, so what is our reason?  I believe it exist because  we took our eyes off of God and what he desired, and we didn't allow him to heal us from within and live according to how he desired.  We continued to make mistakes of our own, with no other races to blame, and we took on the mindset that we couldn't do better, or have better and with that mindset, we don't even try.  If we don't try for ourselves there's no way we'll go outside ourselves to be unified with anyone else.  We need God to bring us to a place of healthy self worth and then we can dwell in unity with our own and others.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Helping Those In Need

By Patricia McKinney 

Not to long ago, the State of  Oklahoma was rocked with the aftermath of a natural disaster that left many people devastated and heartbroken.  Lives were left in despair after suffering great losses, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Many people lost their homes and belongings, while others lost loved ones including children, and were left with feelings of dismay and uncertainty.   The storms capacity left great damages that shook the very spiritual foundation of faith, leaving people not knowing how they would rebuild.

After this tragic event, several celebrities and notable people came out of the woodwork to help the victims of this occurrence, and were not only recognized for their "good deeds," but were publicized by the media repeatedly for their contributions.   The attention was placed on the helpers by giving them accolades for their great humanitarian acts of giving,  while some celebrities gloried in the notoriety.  It's shameful to see that some people are more concerned with recognition.    Not to say that some did not have good intentions, but my questions were,  "How often do these celebs and notable people lend a helping hand to others?" Is it just this one occurrence or do they make it a regular act in their lives?  Do they have to be seen for their giving and sound the alarm for the world to hear when they make contributions?  Why do they receive a reward for being a great humanitarian,  when giving should be stemmed from the heart?  What ever happened to helping those in the community or a child without clothes and food?

Even in the black community, those that wear titles and have positions would rather send aid or provide a person with a referral instead of getting "their hands dirty" by going out on the front lines to deal with them first hand. Some even come from backgrounds of impoverishment, yet they tend to forget about those less fortunate when they reach a certain "plateau" and are only concerned with their own self image.   They'd rather not take time out of their busy schedules to hear about the problems that ail others, but would rather speak to large groups from a podium and give them "self help tips" from there.  They would rather have their own ego's stroked with recognition for their accomplishments, and forget their humble beginnings but brag about the contributions they make.  They've lost all humility, and loving kindness, and they don't want to put in the work when it comes to helping rebuild the lives of others and they're not concerned with restoring and comforting them or just sending relief.  

As the CEO & President of Women in Transition, I get joy in seeing the fruit of my labor.  God placed within me the labor of love and compassion for people and it always takes work to see results.  To watch women transition by getting healed within and to witness positive changes made in their lives is very rewarding.  I'm not concerned with receiving recognition for what I do, because the results speak volume, and God blesses me in every aspect of my life as my reward.  He brings me much success and prosperity for my labor.

I've discovered you can never sit behind a desk and think that your going to make an impact in the lives of people, but you have to go out into the "marketplace" to do so.  You have to put your hands to the plow and till the ground to see results.  Being in the marketplace means to  dwell among the people and  interact with them. It's getting involved in the matters of their heart, and being able to identify with them and where they live, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  It takes humility, love, and compassion to do it.  A lot of times it takes giving monetarily, and materially as well.  

When Jesus did ministry, he made himself available by dwelling in the marketplace among the people. He was filled with a heart of compassion for people insomuch that he wanted to see them healed and delivered in every aspect of their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Even though he had such great power and sat in a High Position above all in Heaven and earth,  he was still humble and had a heart of servitude and compassion. 

I've come to the conclusion that not every one knows the true meaning of helping others. Many people that wear titles are not equipped for the task at hand.  Many are not chosen for this line of work.  To help others requires interaction with people. It involves getting your hands dirty which means stepping out of your comfort zone,  by taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to others and giving sound advise that steers them in the right direction.  It's involves giving monetarily or physically (food, money, shelter, clothes) a lot of  time without recognition from others. 

So take a good look at yourself: if your in the line of work that requires you to "get in the grind to see results", especially dealing with people, ask yourself the question realistically, "Am I designed for this or am I just trying to make a name for myself?"  If you noticed that you're more satisfied in a one time occurrence of giving (holiday's, tragedies, etc) then don't try to make it a profession.  The results will show if your heart is truly in it, and fame and accolades don't last forever.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wisdom & Understanding

By Keesah Pelzer

Everyone wants something for the price of nothing. So When you look around, all you see are people looking for a handout, be it financially, or some just desiring to use up your time. Though it may sound appealing, I'm finding that nothing in life is free, which makes me give a little more thought to the value of things, especially when it comes to wisdom and understanding.

When we lack wisdom it plays out in so many different ways in our lives. We make hasty decisions without counting the cost, and when it comes to deciphering truth from fiction, we are incapable of doing so. When we lack understanding we also lack the ability to know how to deal and interact with people who don't necessarily look like we do, by brushing them off and pushing them to the side. Not even giving them a standing chance.

Obtaining wisdom and understanding will cost you all that you have. In other words, all the things that we thought we knew about how to live, human nature and even about God, all has to be flushed from our own perceptions, and our minds have to be renewed daily. 

In life there's a myriad of things we lack due to the dissociation of these key components, and although obtaining wisdom and understanding may cost us everything that we have, it's still imperative to get it. In Proverbs 1:7 it says "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction".

God is the one who grants that to us, giving us the ability to make proper decisions, and how to apply it in every single aspect of our lives, which will ultimately be a life saver. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


By Angela Cox

There's a proverb that says that  "there's death and life in the power of the tongue" and this holds true especially when it comes to talking about other people.  

Words are used to express how we feel about a person, place or thing and how the words are projected, the tone and how they are taken can mean death or life to that which we're are conveying. They are like seeds planted into a persons ears that go into the mind and remembrance, and if the seeds are constantly watered, (or if the words are repeated it becomes believable to the hearer, both good and bad).

For example, years ago I was a part of a music group that I enjoyed because I'd been a lover of music sense I was a child. Being in this group brought about a sense of excitement because of all of the talented people both singers and musicians alike.  I loved how everyone had their own style and own unique gift.  We'd come together and collaborate bringing a song together in harmony. 

Until one day, one of the singers that everyone adored, started gradually to exclude everyone else's ideas and wanted to be a the center of attention, and anyone that she felt that got in the way of that she'd tear down with her words. I admired this woman too, and was around her more than the others so I took her words at face value and believed what she had to say even though, I had no proof what soever to validate if her words were true.  I noticed that at every meeting she had something negative to say about one of the other members of the group, and the more she talked about her, the more I would believe what she was saying (because I was gullible and  trusted her).  

I made the mistake of dismissing her negative behavior (of self centered narcissism) and began to look for the negativity that she mention about the other woman, of whom I did not even have the chance to become familiar with yet. So every time we'd gather she'd say something negative, planting a seed in my mind about this woman until I felt like I could care less about getting to know her.  But one day, I had the opportunity to spending time with this lady, and saw that she was nothing like the words that were spoken about her, she just had a mature presence about herself and she was comfortable in her own skin. She also ended up giving me a good idea for work and business.  Had the negative seeds continued for a long length of time, permanent damage could have been done.  Had I been closed minded to the idea that the other party could be different, I would have rejected this woman all together, and would have missed a blessing!

I discovered that the one that was planting the seeds did not like this woman because she was confident and would not take a backseat in the group because the backstabber wanted to be at the center of attention and couldn't get her way.  Wow, sometime you don't realize how much influence a persons words can have, especially if you love them, you will dismiss their negative actions and miss out on your own blessing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


By Patricia McKinney 

A jazz orchestra (also known as a Big Band) is comprised of many different instruments that come together in harmony to make one melodious sound. No matter how loud the bass or how smooth the sound of the saxophone, each instrument compliments the other, and serves it's own purpose. Each has a part to play in the orchestra.

It's the same way in life. Like the instruments of the orchestra, each person or circumstance has a part to play or a purpose to fill to touch the life of another in some significant way, either good or bad, and God himself is the conductor of the orchestra, that brings all things together in perfect harmony.

Have you ever questioned why we experience people or situations in life that seem out of harmony, and don't carry a beautiful melody? Even they serve a purpose to help us become fine tuned as a person. To know the difference between love and hate, to develop good character, and make us wiser, to teach us the art of forgiveness, and strengthen us when we are weak, making us fit for our Master's (God's) use, fine tuned and giving off a harmonious sound, that will touch the life of another.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Where Is The Love?

By Patricia Mckinney

It's amazing how people love you more when you're beneath their social and economic status, and not on their playing field. Usually insecure people prefer to deal with those of lower degree.  When your struggling, they're just as friendly as can be, like Lionel Richie said, "easy like Sunday morning".

There was a time in my life when I struggled and hustled for everything that I received.  Life was most definitely not a bowl of cherries, and there we're many days that seemed hopeless, to the point that I could not see the light of day.  At my lowest points, a few friends and family would lend a helping hand here and there to get me through.  They seemed to be such caring individuals at my lowest point, that I assumed that they'd be excited to see me succeed. I made every effort to visit and repay them in any way I could for being there when I needed them most, and made sure that I returned the favor.  I held them in high esteem. But to my surprise the same individuals that I deemed to be so extraordinary and kind, did a switch-a-roo as soon as my mourning turned to dancing, and my penny pinching turned to shopping spree's.  The very ones that I loved so much raised their heel against me because I was no longer down in the dumps.  Talk about the epitome of jealousy, this was it!

Low and behold, their smiles turned to jeers and frowns at the very sight of my presence, with plenty of gossip to follow.  Instead of celebrating my success, they'd say "she thinks she better than everybody else", and "she forgot where she came from." Are you kidding?  What happened to all the love?  What was their motive for helping in the first place? I thought when you give that you're suppose to do it from your heart.   I came to the conclusion that some people like you better when your broke and considered a charity case.  People love to feel important when they're looking down on you to make themselves feel better.  I discovered when you start flossing and rising from the bottom of the barrel, some will hate on you, others will want a piece of the pie,  and some will actually feel entitled to your wealth because they are relatives (even if they didn't contribute).  I can't imagine how the billionaire's feel when they've reach their peak, everybody wants a piece of them, and they'll meet relatives that they've never seen a day in their life.   In my opinion, they need to go into seclusion before they end up broke, from all of the moochers that readily make themselves available to help them spend their money.   Well, this proves that you will find out who your friends are when you start flossing, and everything that's lending a "helping hand" will not always celebrate your success.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Work Your Way To The Top

By Patricia McKinney

I've learned that when God gives you a vision, he expects you to act upon it by using the physical, mental, spiritual, and even educational skill that he's given to execute this vision, which means, you have to do the foot work. As you do the footwork, he will continue to give you idea's to establish it and expand it.

Today, because of God, I've worked my way to the top, and I've established Women In Transition as a result of conquering life's Bermuda Triangle, that can suck you in by it's negative elements, and all of the downward spirals that come with it.  God  expanded the work of my hands by giving me new ideas to help people. I'm a Radio Host of my own show, The Queen McKinney show on, a motivational speaker and life coach/mentor, an  ambassador, and business woman. I've been on television, and soon to return to it. I'm a wife, mother, and a trailblazer. God also trusted me enough to place His people in my care as a Pastor.  

All these things did not come easy, but I've worked my way to the top while God is blessing me and making my hands fruitful by establishing businesses to help others.

If I can work my way to the top, when faced with adversity, so can you. No, you won't have to take the same road as me, and you won't be able to do what I do, but whatever path the Most High places before you, follow it all the way through. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Faith & Ambition

By Keesah Pelzer 

In order to be ambitious one must have a strong desire to do or to achieve something which more than likely requires us to have determination and to put in hard work and effort. 

Being ambitious will bring forth newness, especially when you surround yourself with people of that particular caliber. The ambitious mindset that those individuals possess will eventually take to you. For instance, if you're around a woman or a man who has the spirit of excellence, is strong willed and strong minded, out going, that has goals, stability and has order in their lives, then sooner or later, you're standards and expectations will become higher. You'll began to hunger for that newness and change. Not to necessarily covet what they have, but for God to bless you to live at certain level. You'll want better and more for yourself. Likewise, if you're around people who aren't go getters, and who depend on everyone else to get what they need, people that do not work hard for what they want, that rather take a hand out and hand me downs rather than go out there and get it themselves, then more than likely, you will inherit those type of characteristics too. 

What I'm finding is that It takes determination to break the cycle of living at a lower level, but the good news is that when God renews our minds, our entire perspective on things will change. When we see the standard that has already been set before us, we then will began to strive and will have greater expectations that will lead to greater faith in the Lord. He will began to show us things and plant our feet in places that we couldn't even imagine. 

So it's true, there is a fulfillment that comes with ambition and faith. It almost goes hand in hand. When you've already made up your mind to keep going even though there is nothing physically before you indicating the outcome, that is what you call faith and ambition. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Open Your Mind

By Patricia McKinney

   Have you ever met a complete stranger that told you their life story? If it happens often there's a reason for it. Maybe they recognize a spark in you, or something comforting about you that draws them. People don't have to know you personally to recognize the type of energy that exudes from your presence.  Because I'm a people person, with a wealth of life experience, I can be almost anywhere and people draw to me because of the energy that I exude. Usually, people are drawn to someone that they feel won't judge them or make them feel condemned (yet they're able to give them the truth, in the confines of love or genuineness).  To be open minded is fulfilling and it opens doors to the impossible.  It leads to a very exciting and liberating life because you're not placing limits on things that you don't understand or have knowledge of.  I believe to be open minded is a gift from God. With him there are no limits, and if we have any of His light and love within us, then we will also have compassion and understanding, that draws people to Him.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


By Keesah Pelzer 

 When we don't use our minds and don't allow God to do a work in us we become rusty, making it nearly impossible for us to change gears in our thinking, which translates into how we move throughout the day. It's extremely easy to get stuck in one mode because of comfort and complacency, which enables us to move and keep up with time. Being fearful can also stagnate you from making a mental shift. Think about all the times we thought of making a move, or had an awesome idea, but because our minds couldn't comprehend the out come we missed out on an opportunity to broaden your way of thinking. 

As Gods people we should be able to maneuver from one transition to the next.  Not just when it comes to our work environment, but in everyday life. Whether we've moved to a new location, or just stepping into something that we've never done before, it's imperative for us to make that shift. We are constantly faced with different situations and scenarios on a daily basis, and one thing I know is that God is forever evolving, and when we're connected to Him we must do the same. Growing in an old place is unheard of, because it's the shifting and that keeps our minds up and running and sharp. When we make a physical transition, our minds have to follow suit. When we don't make the proper transition in our minds, we miss out on so much that God has in store for us. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Willing Vessel

By Patricia McKinney 

Many truly don't understand of counting the cost  laying down their life for others and to be used by God as a willing vessel, Its not about you getting the glory it's about God getting the glory out of your life. It's also not a beautiful journey with flowers and roses which many would have you to believe , It's a walk of opposition, rejection, disappointments, separations, commitments, patience, endurance, loneliness and perseverance which many are not willing to sacrifice. Dedicating your life to your purpose can be a trying but fulfilling, exciting and refreshing when you know your reward is eternal life. when God chooses you, he qualifies you and equips you but very few are chosen because everyone is not built for the task. So don't be so quick to say that your chosen to do a Great work because it's a desire of your heart, to be chosen comes with a price, complete submission and the most  scariest thing that you can ever image.. So in other words stay in your own lane and work what you have been giving even if it's a small thing.