You Have To Want It More Than Anyone Else

By Lena Harris  
We all experience road blocks every now and then, but letting that stop us from pushing forward shouldn't be optional. Sometimes God will allow things to happen to test our faith and patience to see where we're located, and in result of that things don't go as expected. I was always taught that our struggles can do one of two things; and that's either make us, or break us. The good news is that the Most High didn't place adversity in our lives for us to take a loss and stay there, but for us to gain strength and wisdom from our setbacks. This journey isn't easy and it's proven that it's built for the resilient and tough, but when it all boils down to it, we have to ask ourselves how bad do we want it? And remember to keep pressing through hell and high water to get where we need to be in Him.

Good Credit Goes A Long Way

"Proven By The Source" By Keesah Pelzer
In today’s world having good credit speaks volume. It dictates how far we can go, how much we can buy, and what we can achieve. It can have a lasting effect on what employers hire us, what kind of house we live in, or if we can get the latest phone without necessarily having to cough up a down payment. However, if our history  shows that we don’t have a consistent track record of paying or no record at all, then we run the risk of our score plummeting, or not having enough credibility to begin with.
In comparison, being proven by The Most High has its similarities, and being a trustworthy person doesn’t just happen overnight.  It takes commitment, loyalty, honesty, and transparency, and most importantly it takes time.

What It Means To Be Kept By God

"Without God I would have continued to live my life how I deemed fit"
By Patricia McKinney 

The increase in criminal activity, sexual crimes and other wrong doings, along with ethic violations from both organizations and individuals alike indicates how deep morality continues to decline in today's world. Whatever region of the world you're from chances are that you have developed and practiced the same moral standards and guidelines based on how you were raised. 
We adopt the cultural practices of our ancestors and are influenced by what we observe from others around us. The vast majority of people for generations have strayed away from the way the Lord truly intended for us to live our everyday life. I realize from the many things I've done in my life both the good and bad, that my decisions were guided and influenced by my culture, experience, emotions, and everything else devoid of Godly influence. I went to church infrequently, but I knew there was a God and hea…

Grace & Reality

"No one is perfect"
By Angela Cox

Have you ever met someone that seemed like they had all their stuff together, or their "ducks in a row" and didn't have any inkling of struggles? By the visual, their car was tight and appearance just right, and they lived life on top of the pile? 
Its become common to see people depicted this way, but in reality,and more times than not, they're just portraying a picture perfect image for the world to see. Realistically, we live in a world of butt jobs, boob jobs and every kind of plastic surgery you can think of, or just people pretending to be more than who they really are, and possess more than what they actually have, or some hyped up flawless being that doesnt have a care in the world. 
But really theyre trying to fix things they dont like or feel they dont measure up too, so they'll put in the extra time money and effort to change it out of fear that they wont be accepted or loved unless they're perfect". The…

Invalid Opinions

"When people make assumptions about you in the Most High God, it just reflects how they feel about their current situation"
By Patricia McKinney

Slandering someone else's name to make yourself look decent is one of the oldest tricks in the book, so why is it that people always falsely accuse you without a valid argument or even a piece of evidence as to why you're a so-called, "in error". Could it be that they are really speculating their own fabricated stories?

A lot of the time, we don't know what's going on in the hearts of those that spew out hateful and misleading words about people, and It's easy for others to fix their mouths and proclaim that someone or something is of a degraded caliber without any evidence, but what I've noticed is that its always the people that are stuck in time with no foresight of the future, the same people that cant seem to let go of their glory days, and hate on others because they have passed them by with f…

People Will Push Your Buttons Just To Get A Reaction

“Know your enemy” By Patricia McKinney

Have you ever thought to stop and evaluate what your enemy was actually doing and why they were doing it?  Could it be because they're filled with inner hatred, or they want you to stoop to their level because of what you have, or the fact that you've surpassed them in area's of their life so they want to cause distractions to hinder you from moving forward? Are they pushing buttons to see what's actually in you so they can ruin your reputation? Sometimes they want to prove that you are just as evil as they are and seek to get a reaction from you so they can say that you're not worth two cent!
Sometimes it's best for you to take your hands off of certain situations all together before you find that you've gotten yourself in way too deep.  There's millions of people incarcerated that wished they could turn back the hands of time, and now their "would have, should have's, and could have's" don't me…

Stand No Matter What

By Karen Ricketts
I know I need to stand Stand no matter the weather Planting each foot firmly against the storms of life Staying awake and alert no matter
Eyes, ears and heart open wide to you each day Seeking a wind of change to blow my way