Friday, February 24, 2017


By Keesah Pelzer 

We all have biological clocks that sound the alarm when it's time for us to venture into another season or cycle of our lives, and just like an actual alarm clock, some of our buttons have been set to snooze for the time being. 

Lately I've been coming across internet posts giving tips about life's milestones according to your age bracket.  Now supposedly someone my age, which is about thirty, should have already been married with children, also should own their own home, working their dream job, and driving their dream car, all while living life like its golden. While the worlds blueprint sound appealing, take it from someone who has not followed suit: everyone is not living the American Dream, and that's Ok! 

There was a time in my life when I used to be ashamed that I was a single mom of three. No college degree and little to no credentials to show for, and I felt like I was far behind compared to my peers who had their lives methodically planned out. Sometimes keeping our eyes on other people can make us feel inadequate, like we have no purpose, especially on top of the other things that we battle as women, but as time progressed, I found out that when we don't necessarily have a plan, or have it all figured out, that's when the Most High God can do His greatest work in us, but we have to be open and willing to follow the unpopular road. 

I used to hang my head when people who appeared to have it all together would walk past me, but now I can hold my head up high, not because I've accomplished the things that society deems most important, because I haven't, but because I see that He's taking me a different route, and who knows, maybe even to achieve those things, but so He can be glorified. 

The difference between then and now, is that I have a better understanding that all of our lives are patterned differently. And though I'm blossoming late according to "social order" I'm finding that it's never too late to live a successful life. Not only when it comes to tangible things, but also in overcoming life's trying obstacles. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Family Unit... Why Is It So Important?

By Patricia McKinney

Family means everything to a child. The importance of the family unit is as vital as the life blood that flows through the veins. A child comes into the world completely naked and defenseless to the elements of the air and unseen danger. The family unit provides a safe haven, a place where they can be accepted and loved, away from the worlds cruelty. They develop their self worth, character traits, and limits based off of their environment, and the examples set before them within the family. 

My father passed away when I was three years old, leaving my mother a young widow with two small children. I always wondered what my life would be like if my father were alive. I'm sure it would've been much different, because a man in the home changes the dynamics of the family structure. A man provides an authoritative presence in the home. I believe he was given this authority by God to protect and provide. For example, when a man raises his voice, while standing a posture of authority, it can be like a lions roar that shuts everything down around him. If you noticed, a father doesn't have to say much to get his point across. Something as simple as a sharp stare can let you know that he means business! But he can also provide a sense of security, protection and defense against harm.

A mother tends to give the hugs, kisses, and coddling, providing a softer side of parenting, however, both are needed for the child's well being. Both mother and father make the family unit complete. I recognized the difference when I reflect on my own childhood in comparison with my children's. Even though my mother expressed much love for my brother and I after my father died , the presence of a father completes the home. I'm very fortunate that my children are blessed to have both mother and father in the home. Especially now day's when there's some many influences that can sway children in the wrong direction. They need the family unit which consist of both parents in the home. It's important to have the voice of authority and reason to provide children with balance. It's vital to have both parents present to enforce limits that let them know everything is not permissible, while providing a loving and peaceful atmosphere. Unfortunately, many children lack both, or have one without the other.

Statistics show that 75% of children in the black community are raised by single parents! This is staggering and explains why there's so much dysfunction among our children. When a child is raised by a single parent, they miss out on the completeness of the family unit. The family can help steer a child in the right direction. Parents are the voice behind their child's decision making, until that child is capable of making good decisions on their own. Without their parents voice, they're opened prey. Many teenaged girls look for love in all the wrong places when a father is absent from the home. They don't know the type of qualities that they should look for in a man or the necessary ingredients to a good relationship, so they'll make the mistake of getting involved with the wrong one, too soon. A male child can get himself into mischief, join a gang, or look to the "menaces within society" as role models when his father is absent from the home. When the family unit is broken down, many times the children are just as broken and incomplete. 

Many single parents work hard to provide for their children, which means they cannot be present in the home to know what's going on with their child. A child left to him/herself, can bring about much trouble. When children don't have an authoritative figure set before them or responsible adult in the home, it's an open door for them to disrespect other adults and authority because they're used to "parenting themselves".  
So how do we resolve the problem? The answer lies in the lap of parents or the adult that's planning to have children. One important thing that an adult can do before having a child is to carefully weigh who they're in relationship with. If there's relationship problems before having a child, (selfishness, abuse, neglect, infidelity, adultery, etc.), you can look forward to raising the child without the other party, which breaks the family unit. But most of the time we realize things after the fact, which is part of being human.

Even in a case like that, the most important of all is to have or develop a relationship with the Most High. To seek his guidance through prayer is important. Our Heavenly Father can provide you with the strength to be a good parent, and give your child the love that's needed in order to produce a healthy child.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


By Angela Cox

Unity represents the state of harmony among people, the state of being one, whole, and unification.  In simpler terms, unity is a representation of respect for each others differences, class, race, age, opinions as long as it's within the bounds of morality, and allows the other parties views not to be violated.  To be able to come together with others and appreciate our differences and respect them.

When speaking of unity, I've noticed that the lack there of exist the most among the African american race, especially our women.  The lack of unity among women is usually stemmed from an inner hatred or dislike of oneself (a.k.a. low self esteem).  When a woman does not like herself, she lives with a mirror of comparison to other women, and this self hatred is expressed in words through a constant view of negativity for other females.  Likewise when a women loves herself, she can appreciate the differences of other women around her and that is also expressed through compliments and a more positive outlook.  Women from other races may not unite with women of another ethnic group because of her upbringing or usually a stereotype. 

I grew up in the mid-west in 1972.  Only 10 years prior to that time, Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive, which meant there was still a lot of racial tension that reared it's ugly head.   Some African american people still had the mindset that the Caucasian people were first class citizens and in some ways, they were still to take the backseat in a progressive society. This was stemmed from the expression of hatred inflicted and demonstrated by many heinous acts. Even though some of them did not have their spirits broken, many African american's did, and it's sad to say, some could not recognized that we were equal to them. As a result of enduring a broken spirit, some began to inflict pain upon their own kind. They expressed their negative outlook, by their own words and behavior, and by how they'd treat each other.  

As a young girl, I witnessed older black women gossiping, ridiculing backstabbing, and mistreating women of their own race.They had lost a sense of "unity, and set a negative example for the younger generation. Their behavior spoke volume of how they saw themselves, and in turn,  many of the younger generation grew up with the same mindset. Back then, I felt like I was caught in the crossfire of my own race and the Caucasians. I also experienced the tension that existed between my light skinned and dark skinned peers, which was foolishness, an atrocity, and a huge waist of time. Because we were the same race, and we already had enough obstacles to conquer. This is an example of the unfortunate events that took place then, but it still exist now.  Which raises the question, "what's our excuse now that this divide still exist? We don't live in that era anymore, so what is our reason?  I believe it exist because  we took our eyes off of The Most High and what he desired, and we didn't allow him to heal us from within and live according to how he desired.  We continued to make mistakes of our own, with no other races to blame, and we took on the mindset that we couldn't do better, or have better and with that mindset, we don't even try.  If we don't try for ourselves there's no way we'll go outside ourselves to be unified with anyone else.  We need the Most High God to bring us to a place of healthy self worth and then we can dwell in unity with our own and others.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Golden Nuggets

By Karen Ricketts

Have you ever reflected back on hardships and experiences from years earlier to finally see and realize something positive that you gained from itLike most people on life’s journey, it’s our experiences that continually mold and shape us as individuals.

There’s a popular quote, “experience is a good teacher” and that is the truth. As I have gotten older, I’m learning to look for and grab a hold to the golden nuggets to be found in each situation.If you look closely you can see shining nuggets of wisdom, strength, knowledge, maturity and more waiting for you in what you went through in the past or in what you're facing now.

I’m learning to be more accepting of the bad as a necessary part of my journey. I’m also looking more closely for those precious golden nuggets created from each situationEach nugget makes me richer in ways you may not see. 

As I have reflected back have also become aware that the Most High God was with me and I’m able to credit Him for bringing me through some rough times. We are here for a purpose and reason in Him and have to keep going no matter what .

Monday, February 20, 2017

Womanhood...You Will Know

By Angela Cox

I remember in my early 20's, I still felt very young and fragile at this stage of my life. I was wild and free, still pipe dreaming, trying to escape reality. I felt like I still lacked much knowledge and wisdom, and that I was still quite vulnerable.  Growing up without parents played a huge part with regard to how I'd navigated through life, and it made a huge impact on the decisions that I made. At times, it kind of felt like walking through the wilderness without a map, learning mostly everything through trial and error.  

At the time, I wasn't the type that would ask for everyone's opinion, because I felt they wouldn't be completely honest, especially because I would come wanting a real honest response. But I do recall asking one of my co-workers, an older lady in her late 40's to early 50's, (that was both kind and mature in character) "When do you actually come into womanhood? She told me, "You will know". I never quite understood what she meant by her short but sweet answer until over 20 years later.  It didn't register right then,  because she didn't really provide me with the details.   Even though I had already experience much for my age, and since I started off early raising myself, living independently, making my own money & my own decisions, and having three children of my own,  I still knew within that I still had a long way to go. 

My father always told me that you never stop learning, no matter how old you are, and that's a fact. It wasn't until I learned to face myself, and take a good look in the mirror, to see that I that I was coming into Womanhood. In this, I learned that Womanhood is not in the curves, or how sexy you are, it's where your mindset is and how you conduct yourself.  Womanhood is how you face reality and mistakes that you've made. It means to take responsibility for your own actions and learn to live with it, while moving toward making changes for the better. It's coming out of denial, and accepting that you have flaws. 

Womanhood is being mature enough to accept constructive criticism, while having your own mind (not allowing everyone to think for you), and being who you are and not trying to mimic someone else.  It's conducting yourself to the best of your ability, and ridding yourself from "ratchetness" and child's play. (hating on your female counterparts, backstabbing, putting others down to make yourself look good). It's respect for yourself and others, and thinking for yourself without being influenced by the "crowd".

Now I can finally understand what my co-worker was saying years ago.  I didn't know that the  words "You Will Know" encompassed so much, and carried such depth in meaning. In a nutshell, she spoke of good character, being realistic, facing yourself (both good and bad) and making changes, while understanding that you don't know everything, and keeping an open mind to learn.  It took having an opened and willing mind to change when the Most High sent spiritual mentors and teachers my way to tell me the truth about myself, and my situation.

At the root of what she said embodied the character that The Most High God desires for us, and it applies to both men and women alike as they mature.  This type of character is important in order to have a good reputation, even if there's people in this world that don't like you,  they can't deny a real man or woman when they see one.  

"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver and gold" (Proverbs 22:1)

Our Heavenly Father desires both male and female to come into a place of maturity, so that we will not only have a good reputation, but set an example for our peers and youth to be inspired by and follow. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Great Expectations

By Keesah Pelzer 

The biggest disappointments in live are often the result of misplaced expectations. In a perfect world, it would be a breath of fresh air if the trust we put in others were actually put in safe hands.

Part of the problem with misplaced trust and expectations is that we don't want to accept people for who they really are. In other words some of us put demands on people who are incapable of delivering what we're in need of. It's kind of like expecting a fish to climb a mountain, when we all know that's impossible, because fish were made to swim.

Take my situation as another example. I'm currently co-parenting with the father of my children, which actually means about  ninety-five percent of the supposed to be "shared parental duties" are on me. For a long time I struggled with accepting that (and I still have my moments), because in my mind, we, as parents, should always strive to have some sort of mutual agreement so that our children's best interests will be put first. It was a hard pill to swallow, but accepting the reality of it was the best thing I could have ever done.

Often we expect others to sacrifice like we would, because it's the right thing to do, when in all actuality, people don't want to do anymore than the little bit that they have to. We all have these great expectations of people, which unlike the Most High God, will always let us down, but once it starts to register, we'll become less prone to expecting things from people that they just aren't capable of delivering.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

What Type Of Impression Do You Leave On Others?

By Patricia McKinney 

There's a proverb that reads, "A good name is more desirable than great riches, to be esteemed is better than silver and gold".  I think if more people believed that their reputation were important, they'd be more mindful of how they treat people, and take into consideration the kind of legacy that they'll leave behind. Even the most forgetful person will remember you if you were kind (or otherwise).  Unfortunately, we live in times now where people have lost integrity and lack the simplest acts of kindness, and quality character. They forget that they'll be remembered by those they've encountered, but some act as if they could care less.

Have you ever been to a funeral, and the person giving the eulogy had to make up lies to cover up for the deceased?  They'd ramble on about how the deceased person was loving and kind, and "dearly beloved" by those they left behind? They'd leave all truth obsolete to comfort the souls of the listeners. All the while you knew good and well that the eulogy was so far-fetched from the truth that it was pathetic? In fact, the decease may have been blatant in bad behavior, one that "got over" on people on more occasions than one, they were mean spirited, or even a menace while they walked the earth? After the sermon ended and everyone dispersed, they went back to reality, and the truth prevailed. There was no more denying that the one soon to be "pushing up daisies" was not the picture perfect one described earlier. In fact some attending the funeral may have only showed up to provide moral support to those in bereavement, but really couldn't wait until it was over.  This might sound like something portrayed in a comedy film, but it happens in real life.

This in itself is a tragedy, but unfortunately, it's true.  What do you want people to remember you by? When someone mentions your name, how do you want them to react? Will they cringe or smile? How do you want to impact those that you encounter?  What are you doing today that touches the life of someone else? Can they smile and recall good thoughts and memories, or life lessons that you've given them?   What kind of name are you creating for yourself?  We all have a past, and realistically every human being makes mistakes along the way. We've all done things that we're not proud of, but what are you doing now to leave a positive impression? Will you go down in history with enemies wishing they could have got to you first? Besides,  while you've been given the gift of life and are still walking the earth, consider this: you never know who you might need in the long run, and your reputation (your name) could be the very thing that determines if you reap a blessing or not, or if someone will show you or your children favor in a time of need. Remember, a good name is worth more than gold, and even the most forgetful person remembers another's actions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fix My Life

By Angela Cox 

I've never known anyone that had the full capacity to fix the life of another, because I'm a realist. I tend to look at things from a realistic perspective.  To me, even though people have the capability to help others by using tools of wisdom and experience, this is too strong a title for one human being to manage.  I believe it takes more than human capability alone to do so, it has to be coupled with the Power of the Most High and principles to live by in order to fix the life of another. This takes not just words and short sessions to talk,  but the time and effort, of those in need to exercise the tools they've been given, accompanied by support, and determination.

 Many people are wearing shoes that they cant fill. Anybody can wear a title, or go to college and get a Masters degree in Psychology, but it's not until you've been through something yourself that you can truly help someone else and identify with them.  People usually draw to and give an attentive ear to someone that's "been there and done that." People give ear and respond more quickly to those with common ground. You set a better example before people if  you've walked a life in their shoes and became a conqueror, and mastered challenges. I've also learned that compassion goes a long way, and you get more bee's with honey.  People are more willing to share with you if give off the energy of love and understanding. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Out Of Darkness...

By Karen Ricketts

Shame, guilt, fear and pain to bear
Reaped from what this world had to share   

Desires of the flesh and mind led the way
A path further into darkness deeper in decay

Only the hand of our Heavenly Father did save 
Christ His son already sent for redemption sake 

Made alive saved by his grace
Holding tight to his promise opting out of the "rat race"

Longing to be redressed in His image by seeking His face
Called Out of Darkness

And into His marvelous light

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Key To Finding Change

By Patricia McKinney 

In order to change and transition (move forward, and make progress) from one place to another requires that you "go against the grain" of what you know and what you're accustomed to, which also includes old behaviors. But this process starts with "the man in the mirror", that means "you".  To make major changes that last a lifetime requires more than your strength alone, or the encouraging words and quotes from friends or a book, but it requires the power of God and strength from him to break old habits and mindsets, and that includes seeking him in prayer and asking for help.  But you first have to acknowledge that you have flaws and don't know everything, it calls for you to change your surroundings, and the same comfortable set of people that your used to.  Usually people that stay in the same predicament, have not come to grips with the fact that they have issues or have made mistakes.  They've become comfortable in their own deteriorating condition, and they continue to do the same thing, around the same kind of people, over and over again. Some have grown comfortable with nasty attitudes, being racist, sexist, unforgiving, filled with pride and ego, and being partial to people that's from only their own culture or sect of people, simple because they don't desire to change within.

The key to finding change and transitioning into a new place that brings fulfillment and peace spiritually and naturally starts internally, and requires a change of character within you.  This kind of newness comes with seeking our Heavenly Father. It's expressed in His word, and His love and understanding shows no partiality. It's clothed in wisdom, and building others up, and living to be pleasing to Him. I know that when you learn to operate from His love, there are no boundaries to what you can do, be, or obtain. He will take you places beyond what your own mind could ever imagine, and cause you to transition to places that you never thought were possible.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Still Sufficient

By Keesah Pelzer 

If we were to ever take time out of our busy day to sit and reflect on how much grace and mercy we unknowingly receive without measure, we would be in awe. 

I recently ran into a guy that I went to high school with, but to my surprise he wasn't the same the as the last time I saw him. Sure we all go through metamorphosis, where our features change as we age, or we gain a little weight, but his was a little different; he's now paralyzed from the waist down due to a bad accident. At first sight I couldn't believe my eyes, and immediately my heart was saddened. The last time I seen him he was jovially bouncing around and cracking jokes. Now he's bound to this wheelchair and he can't move his legs. 

Seeing him like that triggered something within me, and as my day went on I couldn't help but to be reminded of how gracious and merciful the Most High God is, because that could have been anyone of us. It made me think of all the things that didn't touch me because of His and mercy. Day in and day out, none of us know what's going to happen to us or those that we love, and me, personally, I should have been dead a long time ago, on several different occasions. From walking back roads in the dark by myself, to being in the middle of shootouts, riding in cars with people whom I had no prior knowledge of. There's no telling who these people had beef with. Being in a gang, having unprotected sex with practical strangers, to almost being taken out by a truck. And those are merely a fraction of incidents. 

With all things considered, we have to ask ourselves what is it that our Heavenly Father sees in us that he has kept us from death, losing our minds, and everything else that was designed to take us out. If you really think about it, when we were living foul He still covered us in our folly. 

You see, there's a reason or purpose for everything under the sun and we have to always remember that even when things seem tragic in our lives, His mercies are still sufficient. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Flawed Reality

By Angela Cox

Have you ever met someone that seemed like they had all their stuff together, or their "ducks in a row" and didnt have any inkling of struggles? By the visual, their car was tight and appeareance just right, and they lived life on top of the pile? 

Its become common to see people depicted this way, but in reality,and more times than not, they're just portraying a picture perfect image for the world to see. Realistically, we live in a world of butt jobs, boob jobs and every kind of plastic surgery you can think of, or just people pretending to be more than who they really are, and possess more than what they actually have, or some hyped up flawless being that doesnt have a care in the world. 

But really theyre trying to fix things they dont like or feel they dont measure up too, so they'll put in the extra time money and effort to change it out of fear that they wont be accepted or loved unless they're perfect". They live their life constantly bound,  unable to express whats really going on in their hearts and minds.   They'll do this not knowing that they're loved by our Heavenly Father in spite of it all and that every human being on earth was born with flaws.  Ive heard the saying that "sometimes the grass seems greenier in somenone elses yard because its fake" and I find it to be a True Statement.

Sometime ago, I recall having a conversation with a former co worker that asked me if Id be joining our colleagues for a "drink" at a local bar to celebrate the success of the company, I replied no thank you, I dont drink. Not knowing that he was speaking from on flawed being to another, that at a point in my life I had the same issue that could only be conquered by Gods love and the love of others. He responded, You're better than me, I drink all the time and he didnt sound proud of it. 

But I said, No Im not better than you, I expressed that I have flaws too, and I told him that you may have areas in your life that you are great at and mastered, that im not able to do at all and vise versa.  I noticed not long after that he was no longer curtly cordial but more relaxed because he felt accepted, which in turn could cause him to opened to hear how its God that helps use through these things. He also ended up being a blessing to me in return.

You see, we were all born in need of the Most High Gods grace, and no one is perfect. If we live with the reality that we are flawed beings always striving to be perfected in areas where we are weak or lack, and knowing with a little effort and strength from God alone, who's arms are opened wide to those that will receive Him, then we can overcome and conquer our flaws and help someone else. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Daily Persistence

By Karen Ricketts

In this world, if you're not persistent about what you want or what you'll stand for in life, you won't get anywhere. People will say no to you sometimes just because they can, and it doesn't matter if your life depends on it or not. It doesn't even matter if it's someone you know or a complete stranger. I've personally experienced this. Persistence is a big word, and it takes courage to be persistent in any situation. Persistence can take you a long way. That's how it is in life and that's how it is in God as well. Seeking the Most High God and serving Him requires daily persistence. Don't allow anyone to block or stop you because you never know what doors can open in your life through your persistence.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stay In Your Lane

By Patricia McKinney 

When I was growing up, the parent- to- child relationship was so different than it is now days. It used to be that if a child even thought of taking part in an adult conversation, they were immediately reprimanded.

Reason being, the adult knew the child was not mentally ready for the adult world, or possessed the attributes and capabilities to take on such a hefty responsibility. They knew that a child couldn't grasp adult concepts or reasoning, and it showed a sign of disrespect for authority when a child got out of line. The adult knew it was highly important for a child to remain in their child like state, for the sake of their own growth and development. So they were quick to put them in their place and advised them in so many words to "stay in their own lane". But as the child goes from adolescents to a teenager, their needs change and they need an opened line of communication to keep them going.

Remember when we were young, how some of our parents even neighbors would give us precautionary warnings so we wouldn't make the wrong moves, or go before our time and make a mess of our lives, (or make the same mistakes they made) and affect everyone else, but we'd do it anyway? Back then, adults had more time on their hands to get involved and they were more in tuned and concerned with the young than they are today. Now days adults are tied up in various issues of their own, which makes it more difficult to allow them with the time or space to be involved in the lives of our youth, leaving them wide open to the world's devices.

Now days, our young people are dealing with a totally different "monster" than we did when we were growing up. They're no longer able to stay in their child like state because they're force fed societies desire for pleasure, lust, greed, and heinous acts. We live in a merciless society that doesn't consider the young. Therefore, our young people need sound minded adults that they can communicate with, but also those that can identify with them, to keep them grounded.

I've met many adults and know of professionals (that possess the title on paper only, with no experience), meaning they're in the "wrong lane" (a.k.a the wrong area of expertise). Many of them don't have genuine concern for others, but their profession feeds their ego instead of meeting the objective and getting to the root issues in the lives of people. They haven't been wounded in area's of their own lives to identify with other's, and they'd rather write a prescription than use the good old fashion remedy of pouring out their soul to help someone else.

That's why we need much love within our families, and an opened line of communication with our children. We need our Heavenly Father, and good morals, and structure within our homes, and the good old fashioned remedy, called "dialogue". I'm glad that before I become a counselor and mentor that I had been wounded in area's of my life, because there was a hidden treasure within those wounds to effectively help others.

Monday, February 6, 2017

In Real Time

By Patricia McKinney 

Nature gives us signs to show us when seasons are changing.  The leaves change color and fall away, the temperature changes from warm summer days to cool fall nights, and the days are shortened.  People are just like the four seasons that come around every year. They're supposed to move according to the seasons of life, but they refuse to change with the time, and prefer to hold onto yesterday, hoping for the same results. They look for the same euphoric feeling when their name rang out on stage, and record sales were off the charts, when business was booming, and they were at liberty to shop themselves into oblivion.  They desire to stay in the same youthful place of yester-year, with the same experience that brought them joy, acceptance, and a sense of well being. So they'll hold onto the same set of friends, hang out a the same place, and do the same thing. They haven't grasped the fact that nothing last forever.  If life were meant to live in the same experience, than it would be quite boring, and we'd all have a one tracked mind.

Imagine someone wearing a tank top, shorts and sandles in 10 degree weather, not only would they end up sick, but everyone around them would think they've lost their mind. Common sense would tell them that summer is over, but they refuse to let it go, even  if it costs them their health, and they end up on the brink of pneumonia, they're still going outside in shorts.

This is the way people think, "in delusions of grandeur", meaning they think they're greater than what they really are. Therefore, they find it hard to let go of recognition, a position, memories, and their glory days when every one chanted their name, and gave them a standing ovation. To be delusional means that you see signs things that are contrary to your own belief, but you ignore them. You tell yourself, I was able to make it happen before, so I can still make it happen now, even though twenty years has passed, your body has changed, and you're not as fast as you used to be.  That's like trying to defy the laws of gravity.  You know the old saying, "what goes up, must come down". People act as if they can defy the laws of gravity, and even turn back the hands of time. They fail to realize that with time, comes a new generation of people that have bigger and better ideas, as well as expectations.  They're constantly evolving.

Take a close look at babies that were born in the 1980's, and compare them to those born now (2017).   They're extremely advanced and alert, like old souls living in a child's body.  Our new culture presents a vast difference in style, their personality, ideas, and their belief system.  Even the issues they face are more intense than the 70's & 80's baby.  What use to work for you and your grandmother, won't work for them.  They're not shining anyone's shoes, cleaning anyone's house, and you're lucky if they take out the garbage, or do the dishes.

This new generation has the whole world at their finger tips (the internet). If there's anything they want to know or see, all they have to do is Google it! The only way to attract them or have any type of influence on this generation at all, is if you're current and can identify with their needs. If you can take their attention away from the latest video game, or the hottest fashion, even for the slightest moment, than you're doing good.

So if your an older person that's outdated, and unaware of the issues revolving around this new era, than you don't stand a chance.  This new generation will surely provide you with a cue that your not making any impact if you're irrelevant. So how do you know if your season has come and gone?  Here's some helpful hints: If you find that your ratings have gone down over the airwaves, and you're not selling cd's like you used too, or the fashion industry has changed, and no ones complimenting or buying anything that you've created, if you're a jewelry store owner, and the same diamonds (or cubic zirconia's) are sitting in the same place that they were last year, and if you're a big shot, that used to have influence in the community, but you find that you can no longer move the crowd or draw an "ant" to one of your meetings, that's a sure sign that your  time to shine has come and gone. Like the old blues singer BB King once sang, "the thrill is gone".(That's my point exactly).

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  Sometimes people would rather hold on to fiction and dismiss the facts. That doesn't mean your life if over, it just means it's time to pass the baton to a newer, more fast paced, innovative generation of people that are moving with the time. It means it time to give someone else your "know how", instead of hoarding it to your own hurt.  That means it's time to hold onto you're dignity while you still have a chance, and save face, instead of putting yourself out there to look like a fool where you no longer fit in.  It's time to save your money, or put to use where it will benefit instead of holding onto a business that's lots its popularity.